Ytmp3 Free Video Converter Factory Review

Free Video Converter Factory was a very good video converter, even though it has its flaws. The following is a review I have written of the video converter. Converting is the core function of a video convertor. Free Video Converter Factory is known for its converting functions.

  1. Supported Formats: The converter is compatible with a variety of audio and video files including MP3, M4A AC3, AAC WMA OGG, FLV SWF 3GP MKV M4V.
  2. Converted video’s quality. There are problems I’ve encountered with other video conversions. I find that they often produce videos which look fuzzy or have a screen where the sounds don’t match. This has not happened since I began using Free Video Converter Factory ytmp3
  3. Conversion speed. Free Video Converter Factory has a fast speed of conversion. In just a few short minutes the entire process of converting will be complete. You can even convert several audio or video files together.

I also think that there is room for improvement when it comes to the conversion function. The converter does not support all video or audio formats. For example, DV AVI. I’m sure that if this problem can be resolved, more and people will use this video convert.

Parameters in the Field

Free Video Converter Factory allows us to set a number of different parameters. The video files that are going to convert can be set to the following: bit rate (bits per second), frame rate (frames per second), aspect ratio, resolution, encoder. Audio files can be set to the following: channels, bit rate(bits/second), sample rate, encoder, volume, etc. Utilizing this feature, users will be able to obtain more satisfactory and appropriate converted video files. There are still some advantages to using this video convertor in terms of the parameter settings.

This is one of the biggest shortcomings I see in this area. We cannot see directly the data of the video file and there’s no way to do it. We should know more about the original files so we can choose the best parameters for the conversion. My own personal opinion is that it would be best to display an information button directly on screen.

Field of Operation

We should choose video converters that are easy to operate. Free Video Converter Factory is so easy to use that users will love it. The process is simple: you only have to do three things. Click “Add” and import the video(s), click on the Profile combo box, choose your output format, then click “Start”. It will only take a little while for the conversion to be completed. This product has one major problem. On the Free Video Converter Factory’s screen, it appears to have duplicate operation buttons. So, for example, I can choose whether I want to convert the video by pressing the big button ” Start” or click the button called “Action”. I consider this excessive and confusing.