Important Things to Look for in Choosing a Royalty Free Music Website

Do you need great music for your film but don’t want to spend the time or money to hire one? You’re in luck! There’s a lot of great music online that’s free and available for public use that might work well in your next film. A quality soundtrack will make all the difference, no matter how experienced you are as a filmmaker or novice YouTuber.

There is nothing worse than searching through hundreds of MPEG or WAV files for the perfect piece of music. Only to find poor quality and poorly recorded crap. Good news is that there are a few websites offering great songs with professional arrangements. These sites offer music organized by genre, which allows you to filter out the junk and find the real gems.

This is my list of top factors to look at when selecting a royalty-free website for music. These suggestions are my hope for helping you find the music and videos you need. You should remember that finding the right music can be difficult. It is important to find sites that are both easy to use and offer great music. Sites that are professionally built with real-time audio players for the songs should be considered. The site should have an option to download the songs instantly to save them to your computer. You should find a site with good security ratings and music that you can download for free.

Be aware that if the music is being used for anything other than personal purposes, like uploading a YouTube video, you will still need an attribute. For commercial uses, you may need to pay a once-off licensing fee of 25 to 50 dollars.

Here is my list of ten essential things to look for on royalty-free websites that offer music.

1. Free downloads

Sites that offer music for free should be considered. Do not pay for anything upfront if they are asking you to pay.

2. Real-time player

A good site will feature a music player built in so that you can instantly sample a song. Although you might think it’s obvious, it can be quite a challenge Fakaza.

3. Pages are simple to navigate

You should search for a site with their music organized by genres, or music styles.

4. Quality sound

It doesn’t matter if all the songs sound awful. Listen to a few songs and you’ll immediately see if they were recorded in a professional or amateur studio.

5. License options

Sites that offer the best music are free to the public. However, if you wish to use the music on YouTube or Facebook videos, you will need a Creative Commons License. You will also find a standard license on a high-quality site for filmmakers and other commercial uses.

6. Each song can be sung both vocally and non-vocally

A great way to spice up your soundtrack is to introduce a recurring theme. It might be possible to use the instrumental version first, and then the vocal version for the film’s closing credits. This Hollywood trick has been used by the finest filmmakers. Remember Titanic?

7. Visual Representation: Each song

A photo or image can be used to show how the song will feel. This tool is great for quickly browsing song titles.

8. Limited Quantity

It is not always easier to be bigger. Some websites offer an overwhelming variety of music. Sometimes, less can be more. Who wants to search for 10,000 songs?

9. Search for Feature

You may be able to refine your search results by using the search feature on certain sites. To narrow your search results, you might type in a specific mood or other key characteristics to find the songs you are interested in.

10. Custom Music Services

There are music producers available to hire on some websites. They can create an entire soundtrack or song for your movie or commercial project that requires unique and original music.

If a song isn’t original enough, how do you find out if it has been used multiple times? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to determine how many other people have used the same song as you. It may be more beneficial to travel less travelled and choose lesser-known websites. There are many great royalty-free songs out there, if you do your research.

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